Why is there an Elephant in my Basement?

Published 2017

Written by Lorrie Grant and illustrated by Sunny Duran

When we find ourselves in a predicament, it can be very easy to find all kinds of excuses for the problem. Sometimes we ignore the real reason for the elephant in the room, or in this case the elephant in the basement. If the reason for our dilemma points back to ourselves, we often look for excuses rather than look for a solution. This is a sweet story about being accountable for the decisions we make, good or bad, and then taking care of our “stuff” when we blow it.


Home Sweet Cone

Published 2017

Written by Lizzy vanDalen-Brown and illustrated by Sunny Duran

During Hewett's search for a new shell, an unexpected twist leads him to realise what really matters in life. This book combines a sweet and playful story with a valuable life lesson.


I Take Medicine Too!

Published 2018

Written by Ryan Nottingham and illustrated by Sunny Duran

Tom started a new medicine and was nervous about telling his friends. Will they understand? A heartwarming story that shows that friendship can be the best medicine.


Little White Flies

Published 2018

Written by Lorrie Grant and Illustrated by Sunny Duran

Piper Piglet thinks little white lies don’t hurt anyone.  However, Piper will learn there are consequences for his dishonesty.  Perhaps honesty is the best policy after all.


Twiddle’s Garden

Published 2019

Written by Doris Gallippi and Charlotte Raube

Twiddle's Garden is a charming story about how Lettie Lettuce, and her vegetable garden family, plotted to save themselves from destruction after learning the farm on which they grew would be sold.