Pastel Rainbow Zoo Pillows

I seem to have a thing for rainbows lately.  I thought this trend would have died out by now, but I keep getting requests for it, so I guess it's here to stay.  Recently a client asked me to convert my rainbow zoo animals into a pastel rainbow version.  I have to say I love these even more than the originals.  I also seem to have a thing for pillows lately too.  So I designed some sweet pillows  for my Zazzle shop with my new pastel rainbow zebra and giraffe.  I'm also kind of in love with the polka dot pattern on the back of the giraffe pillow. 

I'm so glad my client asked for these colors.  They are perfect for spring or any baby, toddler or tween room. If you'd like to order these pillows or take a look around my shop just click on the images above.